False Heads – Retina

IMG_20180312_172135I’ve long championed False Heads as one of the finest bands emerging on the underground scene and they’ve yet to give me reason to doubt that move. If guitar music needed saving (which it doesn’t by the way), these lads would be on the roof of Radio 1 flying the flag.

Their next gen punk-rock is biting away, taking bigger bites than ever. Last year’s Gutter Press EP is phenomenal and their new release ‘Retina‘ is the biggest thing they’ve put out to date. It’s absolutely fucking massive!

Fresh from supporting The Libertines, they’re currently on a headline jaunt of the UK, as well as preparing to invade Europe for the first time and it’s easy to see why they’re just growing and growing.

The riffs get bigger, sharper and knock down more walls release on release. Retina combines scuzzing jagged riffs with a killer bass-vocal combo packed full of attitude, making for a wicked punk-rock bop.

It’s relentless and puts two fingers up to any formulaic rules. An overpowered homebrew not a lager top. Totally irresistable.

I mean if Iggy Pop is a fan, why aren’t you?

Jake Marley

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