Pale Rider – I Run On Rain

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 20.47.21As debut singles go, Liverpool quartet Pale Rider have nailed it here. Sitting before us as a band still in relative infancy with just a handful of gigs to their name makes this debut offering all the more impressive.

It’s primed for a huge live stage, blow after blow, tighter than a tin of sardines. Recorded across a five-hour session with Parr Street Studios magician Chris Taylor on production duties, this beast fuzzes and bounces everywhere, a titanic rock ‘n’ roll exploration of the earths darkest corner.

Instrumentally it’s off the scale and Ben Russell’s trenchant vocal and Sophie Thompson’s huge drums power through in a massive chorus that ecompasses the masses of excitement this track makes you feel.

There’s some terrific lyrical imagery too, balls bouncing of mini golf windmills, days up on ferris wheels and all sorts, many of which nod to our local Liverpool landmarks and everyday culture. Many of which appears in the fantastic video you can see below shot by Dan Hewitson.

It’s only the start but it’s some early marker to put down. This is a band all set to become a fixture on Liverpool’s thriving underground scene and beyond for years to come.

Jake Marley

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