Mïrändä – GLOW

IMG_20180312_194738Put on your dancing shoes, we’re going down the disco. Soundtracked perfectly from dawn to dusk by Mïrändä and her new single ‘Glow‘.

Born in New York City, artist and producer Mïrändä can be lazily filed under numerous genres, none of which do her adventurous and playful genre-bending style justice. I had a lot of fun listening to her Empire EP last year but her 2018 return has totally blown that out the water.

New jam ‘Glow‘ is a monumental banger of the grooviest kind. Featuring a selection of outrageously catchy retro synths and beats, all jaunting and bopping around deft, layered melodic vocals. There’s magic at play here, a true sonic delight.

It’s clear as day Mïrändä has a catalogue of influences to delve into and be inspired by -from Grimes to the recent MGMT record and far, far beyond. The fact her sound and styling spans multiple genres and decades across just a 3 minute track says it all.

Truly wondrous, expansive intertwining textures darting from ear to ear that make you long to hear a full album. Something that when the time is right, will be quite the listen.

For now though Mïrändä‘s got us all positively glowing. Feel the glow.

Jake Marley

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