Swimming Girls – Back Of Your Car

hi07v2bcc97sc_600I’ve looked in the 2018 dictionary update and the current description for banger is: “the track ‘Back Of Your Car‘ by Bristol band Swimming Girls“. You can’t argue with that. They use them in schools and everything, accuracy guaranteed.

God I’m a sucker for a synth ‘n’ jangle tune. This is one of them. Clearly penned during warmer times than we’re currently experiencing, mentions of sun in your eyes, lying on the sand drinking sweet lemonade make you long for summer!

Throbbing neon-tinged synths and jangly background riffs alongside a throughly pulsating beat. Instrumentally it’s so damn catchy from the get go, then the first chorus hits and Vanessa Gimenez bursts into action with a chart-ready vocal.

You can see why they place David Lynch high up on their list of influences. If Lynch ever made a mixtape, these guys would be plastered all over it, whilst the beautiful neon-filled short film released alongside the track would be right up his street too!

You’ll be humming and singing this for hours after you turn it off. Not that ever turning it off is advised. The radio love it, I love it and you certainly should too. Go on, dive in the deep end.

Jake Marley

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