ISADORA – Visions

Isadora_768_767Some artists just have a knack for creating an atmosphere or vibe that resonates with you; good or bad, dark or bright.

London-based ISADORA does just that with a series of knife-edge emotions on ‘Visions‘ – a throbbing, pulsating cut from her debut Battle Royale EP.

It’s a track balanced dangerously at the middle-point of angst and apathy – a place every millenial will relate to. You feel every word and adore every frustration-filled lyrical gem she churns out. Ultra relatable.

I don’t have time, I don’t have money to spend” she hits us with in the verse, before nailing it with frank chorus dose “I got visions, man, but not a single plan“. Well we’ve all been – or currently are – there.

It’s a jarring take, laid out perfectly over polished production. Moody to the core, echoey pulses and reverberating bass, occasionally giving way to bright spark synths. Throughly enjoyable and throughly relatable from start to finish. Quite the debut offering.

Just imagine what she’d do if she had a plan for her visions!

Jake Marley

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