Grimm Twins – Generation Z

20180412_032949Maxonians Grimm Twins have clearly marked their entrance with a bit fat X in the form of huge punk anthem ‘Generation Z‘. There’s loads of singular letters involved here, so here’s an eight letter review – f**k yeah!

Eight letter reviews are yet to catch on, I blame Generation Z – of which I’m distancing myself of any part of by the way. There’s no iPhones to be found here. I’m writing this review on a typewriter and we’re going to circulate it via carrier pigeon for heaven’s sake.

For those un-aware, Generation Z is the post-millenial, internet and technology from birth generation. Often a loosely used title for people born in the early-to-mid noughties.

If you’re trying to make a name for yourself taking credit for spray painting a tribute to the late great Mark E. Smith on a Macclesfield landmark is a good start (big up to all Bleichpop Corp members), following that by banging out a lively, relatable youth-inspired number like this is a solid step these days. Grimm Twins have nailed it here, this is wicked from start to finish, and by start I mean that MES tribute, beautiful stuff.

They’ve been out supporting red-hot comrades Cabbage recently too, as well as garnering a bit of late-night airplay off good ol’ Huw Stephens on Radio 1. All good stuff.

Theme Of The Grimm‘ kicked things off but pulsating kicker ‘Generation Z‘ has truly made a mark. You can’t beat a good chorus kick, coupled with riff overdosing, attitude literally dripping off the studio walls & next level lyricism. Truly brilliant.

The future’s certainly Grimm, not grim.

Jake Marley

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