Hatchie – Sugar & Spice

30221627_422409444875000_2707802994082054144_oDue to working closely with Liverpool Sound City festival I was made aware of the fabulous Hatchie recently, a Brisbane-based artist heading over to see us next month. She’s signed to the brilliant and ever-reliable Heavenly Recordings for UK/Europe so things are certainly taking shape and that’s before we get to the music.

I may just be blessed by timing on this one but due to Hatchie being off my radar until recently (criminal, I know) the first track I came across and fell in love with was in fact her latest. ‘Sugar & Spice‘ – the majestic title-track of her debut EP dropping via the aforementioned Heavenly Recordings on May 25th.

The first thing that comes to my mind when Harriette Pilbeam (Hatchie) starts up on ‘Sugar & Spice‘ is Cocteau Twins. Shimmering, quite beautiful dream-pop is the order of play with lucious fuzzy guitars and a wistful, sugary vocal topping. Truly lovely.

When you listen to Hatchie, as with many greats and future greats, you’re transported to her world. She flips the norm, rather than telling about life in her homeland or real life events she tells you about her daydreams – the like of which you live yourself, paused in a gaze whilst listening to her music. Clever.

So what next? That EP should certainly be on your ‘to listen to’ list, while catching her Liverpool Sound City performance on Saturday May 5th is a must if logistically possible.

Hatchie is in for a big 2018, be a part of it.

Jake Marley

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