The Americas – Rosanna

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 21.20.26If you can find me a trio of blokes from Birmingham who are better at making Americana music than The Americas, I’ll buy you a pint of something bitter. Harry, Aaron and Alex are Texas boys at heart who seem to have accidentally got off at Birmingham New Street on their way to a cattle rustling.

Currently in the middle of the build-up to their debut EP (coming 7th September), the latest track to rattle the old ear-cages is ‘Rosanna‘ which we can only assume is a tribute to the all-American sitcom featuring John Goodman and the glasses gut from The Big Bang Theory. Much like the sitcom this is family friendly and easy to slip into for far longer than you’d intended. Vocals sound pushed to their limits and drip with emotional intent while the music comes and goes like a hog on payday. No, me neither. Grab your partner by the hand and get ready to do a mellowed out dosie-do while they… Sorry? The show was called Roseanne was it? Oh.

Anyway, I thought it got cancelled because she said some racist things on Twitter or something? Why wou… Right. So this song gets really good at the end. Enjoy.

Ciarán Steward

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