SPINN – It’s Not Getting Better

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 21.36.26Alright, so I know SPINN have released another song since this BUT I had to pull things back a second because this is undoubtedly their best song to date. It feels like there’s some kind of deeper push behind it than any of their other releases and perhaps the four Scouse scallys have matured a little bit. Well…

The bass is straight ripped from a classic Smiths belter, which is never a bad thing, while the guitars consist of Andy Power’s trademark twiddling mixed with some more composed, reserved moments. As always, Jonny Quinn takes centre stage and you can almost hear his cheeky grin seeping into your ears even when he’s singing about sadder times. These lads are on the up and it’s ace to see them getting better as a band, despite song names to the contrary. They’re charming men, even if occasionally Jonny’s big mouth can strike again and you only have to Ask a probing question to get them in a Panic. (Smiths references, I’m doing Smiths references, It’s a poorly thought out bit)

Surprisingly grown-up from a band who you’d still bet would giggle at the word titmouse. Then again, only a right grump wouldn’t.

Ciarán Steward

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