SPIES – Ho Chi Minh

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 13.51.51If this is the sound of ‘Ho Chi Minh‘ then it must have changed a lot since I went there during my gap year. We saw all kinds of magnificent creatures, got a real first-hand taste of the culture over there and discovered a world that you simply wouldn’t understand if you haven’t been there. Oh you simply MUST experience it for yourself, I mean, it’s a little embarrassing that you haven’t already.

But that takes nothing away from this gorgeous track from SPIES as the (looks at the press photo) quintet ramble for about three and a half minutes with a real strut in their step, as if they’ve landed on a private jet and have the world at their feet. That’s not an entirely unreasonable thought mind, they could end up there if they’re brand of indie pop goes on to become the ‘sound of the summer’. Keep your ears out for the tiny guitar twiddles which are utterly delightful. In fact, it does always seem to be the little things that make the difference – as I said to the locals in Ho Ch…

Alright, I’ve never actually been to Ho Chi Minh and am not 100% sure which country it’s in. Are you happy now?

Ciarán Steward

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