Lauran Hibberd – Call Shotgun

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 21.47.42First time I heard this belter from Lauran Hibberd I have to admit I completely misheard the chorus and thought she was saying something rude. Thankfully I was wrong, though to be honest I would have enjoyed this song just as much if it was called ‘Cocksucker‘.

I’m so, so sorry to everyone who had to read that terrible opening par.

Hibberd has a bag loads of songwriting tricks in her arsenal and she clearly had the big guns in her holsters (What are they called? You know the ones…) when she ripped this one from hear head and onto the record. Dear lord, this is so powerful that it could make even the most strong and stable cabinet crumble like a cavalcade of inept miscreants. It’s fuzzed-up indie pop done right in a way that few have been able to capture in a way that’s turned my head since the mid ’00s when I just said I liked what the cool kids did before sneaking off to practice some maths. What a relentless track this is and even listening to it calls for a sip of something warm and tea-based to calm things right down.

Again, apologies for the opening paragraph – it was an honest mistake. This tune is mega.

Ciarán Steward

Lead Image by Nathan Russell.

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