Future Generations – Suddenly

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 13.19.36You settle in to a soothing, dreamy kind of intro before, SUDDENLY, the latest belter from Future Generations blasts into life and causes you to choke on that bit of rice you had stuck in your teeth.

The New York-based band mix big sounding bass with calm interludes for verses as they protest them having any knowledge of you or you knowing a darn thing about them – which was very true when I gave it a listen. Apparently their album Landscape which is on the way next month was produced by Vampire Weekend’s Justin Gerrish and that influence is definitely audible in the mix. Somehow they’ve managed to make a song which feels both playful and like an intense emotional drainer, the best of both worlds if you’re somebody who likes a little variety in their ears. The whole track feels measured and uncrushed, which means it can be enjoyed any point from before your morning gallon of coffee right through to those crashing moments when you fall face-first into bed.

They call me mellow yellow, but perhaps that’s a title best preserved for this absolute winner of a single.

Ciarán Steward

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