Eliza Shaddad – This Is My Cue

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 13.30.01No fooling, Eliza Shaddad is a truly incredible talent and one of my favourite all-time artists featured on WCT. It takes less effort to listen to her sing than it does to even just sit in a comfy chair and breathe, her voice has a depth to it that makes the Grand Canyon look like a bit of a hole your dog might’ve done when you locked him in the back garden because he’d ripped your favourite cushion to shreds.

Latest offering ‘This Is My Cue‘ is an overwhelming, emotional stunner that’s labelled ‘an anthem for the unhappy’. It does indeed have those key ingredient for a proper anthem and it would be fantastic to see someone like Shaddad appearing on stadium stages and showing off her ridiculous levels of musical talent to the world. A scholar with a philosophy masters who can speak four languages, you’re not exactly listening to your average poster here and the wisdom seeps out of every line. If she did after dinner speeches, you’d either find yourself paying an extra £20 for the pleasure or simply having to refuse to listen to any more – not out of dislike but because you’d just be so darn full and didn’t feel like you could take any more without being up half the night thinking deeply.

Sheer brilliance from a musician and artist who never seems to do anything in half-measures.

Ciarán Steward

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