Eliza Shaddad – To Make It Up To You

ElizaShaddad_Future__3000pxI refuse to believe that Eliza Shaddad has ever done anything wrong in her entire life and categorically refute the idea that she has any making up to do to anyone. The London-based genius seems to surprise me with her talent every time, on this occasion with the warm and soft nature of her latest track which sees her stunning vocals accompanied by just an acoustic guitar.

Usually it’d take some sweet, sweet chocolate-base bribery to get me this excited about an acoustic track but there’s something just so endlessly comforting about Shaddad’s voice. Her delivery could send you to sleep, if only you weren’t so keen to hear each word that departs her lips. With such a wealth of experience behind her, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Shaddad is able to take a classic song style and knock it so far out of the park that it smashes the roof of a greenhouse three towns over.

Curl yourself up with a blanket and stick this on, everything is going to be just fine and you don’t need anything in the world that isn’t a song by Eliza Shaddad.

Ciarán Steward

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