Indoor Pets – Hi/Being Strange

Screenshot 2018-11-02 at 13.46.41I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jamie Glass is my hero. The Indoor Pets frontman has the ability to come off as effortlessly cool when doing even the silliest, most childish of things and his ability to keep a straight face through the opening of the band’s music video for ‘Hi‘ while hiding a bouncy surprise under his backside is a real talent.

The band are FINALLY on the road to their debut album, with two recent singles kicking off the campaign and really seeing the London-via-Kent quartet stepping things up a notch. Never afraid to make fun while also piecing together lively, engaging tunes, there’s a more polished sound to Indoor Pets than ever before and it’s so hard to keep your eyes from drifting into an endless gaze when they’re on front of you, either on the screen or in person. ‘Hi‘ comes complete with that overwhelming climax to knock you off your feet, while ‘Being Strange‘ follows up quickly by getting you standing again with a hopeful message for anyone who has ever felt out of the loop or isolated – it might even just be there best release yet.

This is what the band do best, bringing with their music an all-encompassing feeling of belonging and acceptance – no matter who you might be or what you might do. In 2019 they’ll ‘Be Content‘, and if the album follows the lead of these two beauties then your ears will be too.

If you know anything of the band already, you’ll likely know their van was broken into and all their gear was nicked (even the BBC wrote about it!) so do something nice and buy a tea towel to help them out.

Ciarán Steward

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