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VIDEO PREMIERE: Ead Wood – Oceans

Oceans Artwork-minLying in a bathtub all day might seem like the dream life, but really you’re going to end up looking more pruned than [REDACTED]’s ballbag. Still, Ead Wood doesn’t look too bad on it in the new video for ‘Oceans‘.

The video is beautifully bizarre and fits perfectly with Wood’s freaked up sound, filled with guitars that seem to have found their way through a kaleidoscope on their way to the amp. Steadier than Ainsley Harriot in the early ’00s, the tune rumbles along while Wood stares down the camera demonically from his bathtub home and as the music starts to head to a cheerier sound, his face seems to plunge darker into the depths. The bass on this tune is magnificent by the way, well worth listening out for. There’s an EP called Beige Dreams on the way soon (9th November) which definitely needs to be on your radar.

Apparently the track was conceived during an attempt to make a pumpkin pie in Wood’s home in Bristol. Brilliant, not getting that vibe at all but loving the idea almost as much as this beaut of a release.

Ciarán Steward

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