ACRYLIC – I’ve Got Too Many Friends

screenshot 2019-01-21 at 20.40.36While the title of this track might cut any music blogger to the core as they acknowledge it’s a problem they’re never likely to have, it would be rude not to tell you how brilliant this ACRYLIC number is.

The Glasgow band absolutely nail it (Nail? Acrylic? Come on, you knew it was coming) when it comes to telling you stories and keeping your eyes firmly gazing upon them as if transfixed by some powerful spell. Definitely one for fans of The National, Ross Patrizio’s voice is captivating and sits atop a gentle wash of haze provided by the rest of the band. While it never seems to truly burst into life, this is a simmering, bubbling beauty which is filled to the brim with heart and soul. There’s no doubting that this has a bewitching effect thanks to the gravitas shown by a group of grown men who appear to not have seen the ‘Keep off the grass’ signs when posing for their press photo.

If you or anyone you know has too many friends and would like to lose some, get in touch at I can’t help, I’m just nosey.

Ciarán Steward 

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