CHILDCARE – Karaoke Mantra

Wabi-Sabi was an incredible album and last year’s delightfully named Sabi-Wabi featuring remixes of ‘Sugarcane’ (including this corker from PSB) was the perfect way to follow up it. So now to 2021, following a year of… uncertainty. CHILDCARE are back with a new track that could make you think it’s all been one, terrifying dream.

Karaoke Mantra‘ is filled with Ian (no longer ‘Ed’) Cares showing he knows his way around an Hoxton thesaurus. As always with the London quartet, the lyrics are inspired, off-beat visions and fantasies – ranging from the far out impossibles to the ‘remember these totally normal things we used to do?’. There are a hell of a lot of words in this that are non-essential items in the bragging area, reminiscent of classic verses such as on Ian Dury’s Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3 or The End Of The World As We Know it. Lots being said, while ultimately saying nothing at all.

Rich Le Gate’s guitars are, as always, a genuine delight and it’s great to hear the band haven’t lost any of their signature quirks in the past year. While we can all do yoga and many of us have indeed been to Berlin, we’ve never thought of telling people this as an opening lyric. So more fool us, I guess.


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