Holly Humberstone – Haunted House

Photo: Jordan Curtis Hughes

How Holly Humberstone can make me more emotional into a two minute song than any film has in the last decade I’ll never know, but with ‘Haunted House’ she’s stopped me right in my tracks to leave me sat with a candle looking longingly out the window.

The simplicity of the set-up adds to that raw, direct approach as Humberstone belts out this stunning ode to the past. Remember when you watched the first five minutes of Up for the first time? This is on that kind of level of wrenching sadness, so it’s worth ordering yourself some personalised handkerchiefs if you decide to start listening to this regularly. It’s the beautiful delivery matching the stark, honest lyrics that makes it quite so irresistible, and for anyone who no longer returns to their familial home the themes of memories and possible regrets are easy to identify with.

It was probably a mistake to put this on as I started the washing up (and I’m not sure I really did the best job of getting the icing off that plate) but this song deserves your full attention. And maybe a BAFTA or something, for the new mantelpiece.


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