Ten Tonnes – Everything You Got

Photo: Paint Studios

Ten Tonnes has a fascinating appeal, for me at least, sitting somewhere neatly between those pop and indie spires, somehow avoiding falling into a dip in quality and instead offering up what appears to be an endless supply of absolutely mega choruses.

He’s of those artists whose back catalogue is easy to dip into for some generally uplifting sounds, a nice easy introduction for some guitars into a semi-civilised dinner party. With other humans, not apes or anything. That was probably pretty obvious to be fair. Anyway, this feels like the sort of track that if you heard it on the radio you’d dance along every time and after three or four occasions you’d actually bother to listen to who it is or Shazam it so you can add it to playlists made to impress your mates (we’ve all got them…).

So come on (come on, come on) and get this on, have a wee boogie with the blinds closed to get your day off to a winning start, middle or end. It’s good vibes o’clock whenever you blast this out.


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