Coach Party – i’m sad

Firstly, we’re all sad. You know you are, just admit it and that’s the first step towards healing. Maybe my career as a therapist is best put on hold, but I’d prescribe this banger from Coach Party. Take it at least twice a day and, if you don’t feel better, call me in the morning.

Nobody is at their best right now and that’s ok, but the Isle Of Wight quartet are coming pretty close with this instant classic. If you’re feeling a bit down I wouldn’t check out the names of the tracks on their new After Party EP as they’re unlikely to perk you up. Listening to it all just might though, as while the topics may not be the happiest it’s a good old fashioned dose of quality music and personal lyrics which generally goes down smoother than Calpol or that weird luminous banana medicine I’m not sure they have any more.

Really a band worth keeping a close eye on as everything they’ve done recently has knocked it out of the park. Maybe we should have let them run the country over the past year as they can’t seem to do anything wrong. How hard can it be anyway?


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