FEET – Peace & Quiet

Alright, settle down. Come on now. It’s your own time you’re wasting. THAT’S ENOUGH! Thank you. Now that I’ve finally got your attention, how about a nice bit of Peace & Quiet, delivered by the biggest FEET in the business.

If you’ve ever listened to this rabble before, you’ll know the track itself isn’t exactly peaceful and you’re in for a rampage of targeted barbs and slights. Maybe we should just close down all the venues, if that’s what people want. No more need for such loud gigs, outrageous behaviour and fun when you could have a quiet society where nobody actually stands up for what’s right. How about some order in the court?

Vicious, cutting and absolutely spot on down to the last word, this lazy ‘journalist’ is on board and is happy to donate any of the terrible old shoes sat in the back of his cupboard to the most essential podiatrist-centred cause of the decade.


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