Italia 90 – Borderline/Declare

I think Italia 90 were the last band I saw live before everything went a bit ‘woops’ last year. From the safety of your own home, they sound significantly calmer – though the lyrics are still spat into your ears with a fury that’s easily understood when there’s so much to be mad about.

There are swathes of mellow, patient melodies in between the megaphone-ready vocals delivered with a sneer on ‘Borderline’, while ‘Declare’ has a much more measured, rumbling rhythm. Spikier than that cactus I somehow failed to keep alive during the first lockdown, there’s a brilliant sense of unease created by the second track as both sides of this release take aim at our currently tragic political landscape.

Not one for easy listening, but great for hard truths. When’s the next march, lads? I’ve got some great ideas for punny banners I can make in a desperate attempt to help me go viral.


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