Eliza Shaddad – Heaven

Photo: Flore Diamant

One of my favourite artists ever, Eliza Shaddad is coming back with a new album called The Woman You Want in July – announcing this fantastic news with the release of a stunning new song which you might even say is… heavenly. (Shut up, I know)

Laid back enough to be the intro music for a moody ’90s American drama series, this latest track is beautifully reflective and filled with inspiration for anyone who has found the last year a little testing, to say the least. Music like this is worth getting up every morning for, bringing a spark of joy to even the darkest days and showing that creativity can still come even through those hardest moments. The release also comes with the emotionally charged B-side ‘Blossom‘ which is perfect for listening to as you stare out the window in search of a patch of green, warm coffee in your hands while you wear an old jumper that’s more about the memories it holds than how it fits.

Few artists can truly capture feeling the way Shaddad does and her softer touches and thoughtful approach help elevate her songs to more than just something that’s just passing time. This makes for time incredibly well spent.


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