VC Pines – See You Soon

Photo: Joe Hunt

One of the smoothest talkers since Rasputin (yes, I’ve been listening to Majestic’s version of Boney M, what of it?), VC Pines had a soulful spirit well beyond his years and his latest offering once more features that tender touch and care.

Following on from the excellent ‘Smoke Without Fire’ was always going to be a tough ask, but he might just have bettered it with this laid back beauty. The fire in those guitars is devilish as they cut through an otherwise softened mix, while Mr Pines’ (not his real name, I assume) vocals have a timeless aura to them which draws you in and gives you a little cheeky grin before blowing you away.

Way back before ‘all this’ when I met VC Pines I think he was working in a shop part time. Now, he’s ready to be the boss in oh so many ways.


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