Pretty In Between – Clear

Slow everything right down, buy yourself a new rug for that space in the living room that’s missing a little something and dip your toes in the cooling pool of the shimmering glory of Pretty In Between.

The perfect brain cleanser, this jazzy gem will have you moving your head like every jazz club aficionado you’ve ever seen on TV or in films. Nice. Those cats must know what they’re on about though, the feeling to let the music show through your body physically somehow is almost unavoidable. Captivating and weirdly reminiscent of the music on a horse racing game I had as a teenager (no, I don’t know why either), it’s great to hear such musical brilliance shining through from the youth of today.

Youth of today? I’m not even 30, why am I talking like this? It’s been a long week… What do you mean it’s just started?


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