Mandrake Handshake – Monolith

Photo: Lola Stephen

Well, with a name like Mandrake Handshake this was hardly going to be a three minute pop song. Time to indulge yourself in a 7 (SEVEN) minute odyssey of psychedelic brilliance, perfect for those waviest of afternoons.

Think Dark Side Of The Moon, it’s all very far out and spacey – plus a few of the chord progressions are straight out of the Gilmour songbook. It’s rare to hear something so sprawling and coherent in 2021 without it being picked apart by experts, rather this gorgeous symphony is allowed to unfold and develop unhindered by gazing eyes as it blooms into a truly beautiful cacophony.

More of this kind of thing, please. Why would anyone settle for a three minute pop song when – if using maths and time to quantify it all – this is at least twice as good?


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