The Lounge Society – Cain’s Heresy

Photo: Piran Aston

A kick in the teeth is genuinely one of the worst things I can imagine. You know how your teeth feel all gross even when you rub two particularly old pennies together, it feels like they’re pretty sensitive at the best of times without someone shoving an old welly in there.

Anyway, that one lyrical distraction aside it’s hard to take your ears off this banger from The Lounge Society which has enough power to keep a mechanical leg in operation for at least a good few weeks. The slower section in particular is a cracking touch, keeping the listener guessing and twisting your mind’s expectation that this is going to be another runaway leader in the sprint who has some kind of special running shor

Sorry, I just can’t stop thinking about how painful it must be to be kicked in the mouth. And why on earth do so many people still continue to lick the boot?


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