Broken Fires – Dreamer

Remember when The Vaccines were really, really good? That’s the kind of energy you’ll find on this little beauty from Broken Fires, without quite such a gnarling voice and with the freedom to change up the pace at will.

It feels like a loving homage to late ‘00s indie anthems and crowds filled with endless fans holding JD and cokes aloft while moving little else but their head in a nod and a tapping hand on their leg. There’s a good depth to this tune mind, and it doesn’t feel like it belongs in that ‘landfill’ category that seems to be a thing now. The guitar riffs are really fun and the vocals have a genuine sense of character to them that makes for a more interesting listen.

If indie is dead, nobody told this lot. Let’s agree never to tell them, so that they don’t stop making music this enjoyable.


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