Someone Anyone – Less Life

Now these are some vocals you’re going to love. Someone Anyone bring with them a sparkling jazzy vibe that’ll have your shoulders bopping, your feet tapping and your fingers frantically Googling to find everything they’ve ever released.

At a time where people are needing to stay chill more than ever, this is the perfect mood booster as it swings through verses and choruses filled with personal emotion and some of the smoothest guitar sounds I’ve heard all year. And then that perfect horn comes in (steady on), feeling like the final piece of the puzzle that you didn’t realise was missing until that first note slotted in perfectly.

This is genuinely delightful and perfect for listening wherever you are. Maybe try cooking along with this on repeat – you might burn the veg a little, but you’ll be so relaxed that you won’t care quite how crispy those carrots are.


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