jjoey- Sinking Songs

Anyone remember that Lemon Jelly song about all the ducks swimming in the water? That’s the kind of energy jjoey puts into this mesmerisingly tender tune and I for one am all for it and will be requesting at least two or three extra slices.

There’s no rushing here, just good old fashioned music at a pace that would make for a nice little sing along on Sesame Street. Those guitars are saccharine sweet as they lead you to bobbing your head from side to side like a puppet who doesn’t actually have the greatest range of movement. It’s the perfect song for a nice lazy day in the sunshine with a cold drink in hand and probably not quite enough sun cream on the back of your neck. From NYC for you and me, it’s worth dipping into this to see if it brings you out in a better mood – what could possibly go wrong?

This review is brought to you by the letter Y for ‘yes, I like this’.


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