Birthday Girl – Dizzy

Enter into a world of blissful haze, where sounds are filtered into a fuzzy dreamscape and Birthday Girl appear out of nowhere to guide you on a journey through the depths of this stunning sonic realm.

In a song that sweeps your feet up off the ground and carries you away on a bed of leaves (maybe to be the main course at a cannibal’s banquet, who’s to say?), they capture the listener’s attention in such a hypnotic way that Kaa the snake would be impressed. The band never push too hard or overstay their welcome, rather they deep into your life and become an essential part of the furniture.

Has anyone ever written a song with a ‘la la la la la’ refrain in that’s truly actually bad? There’s something so mesmerising about this one that it might just send me back to sleep, but I know I’d have the sweetest dreams of my life.


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