Jeshua – Esther

These are mostly written on my phone nowadays, so I’m sure you understand it took far longer than I’d have hoped to get it to spell Jeshua correctly. But it’s worth it, I promise you, because it means I’ve had a few extra listens to ‘Esther’ which is the best thing to come out of Scotland I’ve heard all day.

The Dundee-born solo artist seems capable of creating luscious landscapes, all with the aid of a trusty drum machine to keep everything in check. His Spotify bio has one of my all-time favourite descriptions that claims his music “encapsulates the everyday experiences of a fly-on-the-wall shop assistant.” Beautiful. Can you imagine how cool it would be if an actual fly was a shop assistant too? Not for glasses or anything TOO ridiculous or niche based on their features, but maybe just in a Primark. Actually, those extra arms would be fantastic for running the till at Aldi.

Dreamy as they come, there’s a real artistry in this one and the album is on the way shortly too, so keep as many eyes as you can out for that one.


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