swim school – Let Me Inside Your Head

Photo: Rory Barnes

Full disclosure: I totally misread the track name and wrote a lot of words based on it being called ‘Let Me Swim Inside Your Head‘. So please excuse how irrelevant most of the below is, but trust me it’s still a great track.

With a title suggesting that part of your brain has been replaced with a publicly available swimming pool, the latest from swim school unfortunately doesn’t give any tips on how to improve your backstroke. Nor does it tell you what on earth butterfly is.

However, it is a nice hazy bliss that skulks around in the shadows – like a menacing take on something from The Big Moon. With bigger guitars. When everything lets go, it’s as if the walls of the pool have been breached and water sloshes around your cranium endlessly while pool noodles start to pop out of your ears. Not quite the thing you were hoping would happen when you popped into Pret for a quick latte.

Noisy, and with no restrictions on running or heavy petting, this is the kind of swimming lesson for me. Where do I sign up?


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