Split The Dealer – Dreamstate

Oh here we go then! This is the wake up call I needed today, thanks to Split The Dealer for going all guns blazing with the intro to this absolute indie banger. It’s only about 7.30am as I write the is but I’m already keen to get out to a bar for an indie disco. Remember bars?

Think Jamie T but with more grit, the vocal delivery throughout mixes up to suit each part of the song – though the real glory is when things are in full throttle and you can almost feel the spit flying past the microphone. Imagine this at a festival – there would be bucket hats everywhere and those tiny shoulder bags will get lost all over the field as people polite ask ‘Excuse me sire, I believe you’ve trodden on my toes there’.

Wow, it really has been a while without live music. When it all comes back, you’ll find me cowering at the back for this one – then claiming later that I was in the pit. Naturally.


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