The Crayon Set – Don’t Step Back Too Far

Bright, colourful sounds from The Crayon Set are to be expected (I’m not sorry) but there’s more delight in this cracker from the Dublin-based outfit than even Crayola’s most expensive package.

Built on a foundation of good vibes, the swirling verses are filled with dazzling light sounds that provide all the hallmarks of a pop song that doesn’t need to try to hard to win you over. This laid back approach suits the band well as they slowly guide you through the track, making sure you take care over every step along the way.

It’s probably always worth a quick look over your shoulder before stepping back, just in case. Who knows what could be lurking behind you? Worth double-checking in case you end up stepping on a nice cake and ruining it just minutes before a surprise party for your friend that their partner has spent months planning and you’ve just ruined it entirely.


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