Hallan – Orwell’s Idyllic Future

There are definitely far more people out there who’ve said ‘It’s all getting a bit 1984’ than have ever actually read the damn thing. Now, let me, an educated middle class white man who has read the book tell you all about MY interpretation of it which is the TRUE version.

Can you imagine? Anyway, Hallan are really fucking good and this is an absolute powerhouse of a track, ready for smashing society down to its knees. Fiery from the off, this is a no holds barred approach from the Portsmouth-based quartet. Chaotic, outrageous and filled with enough venom to bring down a whole herd of elephants, this is music worth fighting for. And to be honest, it’s likely end up causing a few black eyes when this kicks off in a sweaty venue somewhere hopefully not too far away.

Big Brother may be watching, and well he should. This lot need an eye keeping on them before they ‘accidentally’ cause havoc, or at least before they absolutely explode onto the scene.


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