Do Nothing – Rolex

Photo: Adrian Vitelleschi Cook

It seems like Do Nothing are just a new version of Peter Kay, in that way they keep naming songs after things that people are familiar with and just going ‘Remember Lebron James? Remember Rolexes?’

Just like Bolton’s favourite son, they’re actually pretty damn good at what they do and have this appeal that’s kind of impossible to pin down or resist in any shape or form. The off-kilter guitars and bouncing kit sounds are top notch yet again, and the vocals are pure poetry as they once more draw you in like a storyteller ready to read you a fantastical novel they’ve spent decades writing.

There’s such an incredible appeal to this bunch and yet it’ll take a better/more awake writer than me to really nail down what makes them so great. Regardless, this is an absolute banger that deserves a hearty portion of mash.


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