Mewn – I See It Now, Pt. 1

Photo: Through The Eyes Of Ruby

Ooh, this is a bit spooky isn’t it? Not like horror film spooky, but more Luigi’s Mansion kind of casual background spook. Mewn don’t really come across as creepy or particularly weird, but there’s a definite sense of unease in this one which will have you looking over your shoulder all day.

The Manchester-based band do their bit for keeping you alert and on your toes, and while this track does ease up and become more light and ‘fun’ as it goes on there’s some brilliant of which sounds to use to keep listeners from being able to ever fully disengage from this PG nightmare soundscape.

I think the most scared I’ve ever been is probably one of the times I’ve ended up locked out of my home, maybe the time when I couldn’t remember if the oven was still on. This isn’t all that scary though, and actually makes for a good listen – rather than a panicked call to my mum.


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