Lammping – Lammping

Not too many bands name a song after themselves – albums, sure – but Lammping maybe filled in a form incorrectly somewhere along the line here, while they were too busy ‘seeing colours’.

Regardless, this is a slice of psychedelic brilliance that feels like the band Goat have been given some horse tranquillisers in a farmyard mix-up and are now playing everything at a 33 instead of a 45. Little nerdy music joke there, why not. The Toronto-based band tread a fine line between out there psychedelic sounds and indie rock classic trademarks, landing so firmly on the line each time you’d be hard pushed to ever get your washing up. This spaced out sound is dreamy as you like and shows no real sign of wanting to return to reality, especially when you can be seeing and living somewhere in between.

We should all learn to love really, seems like pretty harmless advice. What could go wrong?


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