Lizzie Loveless – Loveless

Photo: Charles Billot

Hopefully nobody out there is truly ‘Loveless’. While I’m sure at times all of us have felt unloved or isolated, it’s worth remembering that there are undoubtedly people out there who care about you and who are happy to have you in their lives.

Anyway, niceties aside, this is a cracker from Lizzie Loveless as she fills the gaps between words with a synth sound so ‘80s it’s figuratively blinding me with science. The vocal refrains are infectious and cut through enough to give your walk that added bit of sass – sure, you might have just been popping out to the stops but with this in your ears there’s no way you weren’t strutting like a model from the future.

Hypnotic in its repetition, this transfixing little ditty is so simply constructed like an IKEA table and yet sturdy enough to maintain my weight as I dust the lampshade. Well built, reliable and a nice thing to have at home. The song, and the table I guess.


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