XVOTO – Friends

You’ll likely not hear anything quite like this all week, as XVOTO get superbly intense in their latest dose of something from another realm. A truly engaging track with more twists than your favourite TV drama, you might be best fastening your seatbelt before settling in to this one.

With edges of St Vincent and your average superstar pop star, this feels intensely personal at times and you’re never quite able to settle into it as the song changes up routinely. Is it just the intro? Is it another song? Who knows, and frankly who cares when it all sounds this good. You simply can’t step away for a second without something new and exciting happening – like how I imagine life on Noah’s Ark must have been with all kinds of crazy animals everywhere getting up to such hilarious shenanigans.

Actually, that must have been proper chaos. How do you keep the animals from eating each other? And who is cleaning up after them all? Noah? No thanks.


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