Monograms – Speak and Spell

Anyone who has ever read this nonsense before will no doubt already know I had to look up what a monogram was before writing about this corker from Monograms. Good to broaden your knowledge and all that, though slightly disappointing it’s not the easiest thing to go off on a pointless tangent about.

The song, anyway, is fuzzier than the fuzziest bear and those vocals sound like they’ve gone through a sieve, a wind up radio and one of those weird needles thing you can make a print of your hand or face with. Oh, I absolutely adore them. That guitar really smashes it too, with a distinctive sound that muddles the mind and hits the brain in just the right place to wake it right up.

If Ian Jacobs, the man behind all this musical goodness, had his own monogram I wonder what it would look like. Probably be pretty cool I reckon. I’d try making my own too, but that seems like a lot of work and by now it should be obvious that isn’t my style.


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