Dutch Wine – Whiskey

Are the Dutch really known for their wine? I’ve had a few great beers, but I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered a bottle of red or white from the Netherlands. Apparently Dutch Wine is a thing though, but is far more listenable than drinkable.

Oh and they’ve called this song whiskey too, just to really add to the boozy confusion. Con-boozeion? Maybe that’s too mad even for me, must remember to delete it. This song is great by the way, really spacious and shambolic in all the best ways. That swagger and casual attitude is very much what people deem as ‘cool’ and the guitars and vocals both have 100% pure premium slacker quality.

There’s a really nice Portuguese wine they’ve started selling in the Co-op round the corner, maybe I’ll ask the bloke in there if they’ve got anything a bit more ‘Dutch’. Can’t see that ending in anything but success.


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  1. Nice article, Ciarán. I didn’t know much about dutch wine but now surely know more about the music. The music is wonderful. Thank you very much for sharing this information with us. Keep providing such information in the future also.

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