Tim Ayre – So Long

Off an another adventure out into the heart of the desert? Feels like Tim Ayre might be a good person to take with you as it feels like he’s been there one too many times already.

Latest track ‘So Long’ is another hypnotic slice of psychedelic pleasure that’ll have you crossing the sand dunes, avoiding the cacti and [Ciarán please think of a good third desert thing to write here before you press publish]. The swagger in that voice feels like it would be translated into the way he walks, with a casualness and indifference to the world around him without ever feeling too disrespectful.

He’s definitely changed my mind about whether or not I could go on a big walk in the desert one day. As long as I pack enough water, snacks and cassette players with full batteries then it should be alright. See you there, Tim.


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