Spud Cannon – You Got It All (Not)

Photo: Juan C. Quimper

With a title that sounds like one of the very oldest jokes in the dustiest of joke books for dads, Spud Cannon bring heaps of fun with an upbeat little ditty perfect for heading down to the surf shack or whatever it is people do in the summer.

It’s the kind of song that relies on being performed with a smile, and not one of those fake customer service smiles either but a smile from someone who is actually – if you can believe this – happy! Lighten up, eh? It’s not like things can get that much worse. Right? RIGHT?!?!? Anyway… The off-beat rhythms and infectious joy that runs amok throughout make for an extremely pleasant listen, one of the most truly positive and uplifting sounds of 2021.

NOT. No I’m just kidding, can you imagine? Ooh, what am I like? Such a character. (No, but seriously this is great and you should stop reading this crap and start listening to the song if you haven’t already.)


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