Bandicoot – Worried Blues

In a year filled with more uncertainty and confusion than ever before, nobody is going to blame you for being a bit worried. That’s where Bandicoot come in with their latest little ripper, opening up about some of their worries – as you might expect from the track name.

I’m not convinced this track is really blues though, where’s that 12-bar structure and why doesn’t anyone have a brass instrument? (Oh, there it is… Be patient) Still, it’s not a half bad track this and has a dense murkiness to it that’ll keep you second guessing and building up a sense of tension that I’m sure you’ve got all too familiar with in 2021.

Complete with a good old fashioned rock out, you can only imagine how great it will feel to hear something like this tearing it up in a sweaty gig venue somewhere. Not long now, eh?


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