j a b o b o – walk through the snow

It’s June, so if you’re dealing with snow now you probably have bigger problems to deal with than reading this silly little music blog. That being said, maybe listening to j a b o b o might give you tips on dealing with the snow. Alright, it won’t, but just go with it.

Sounding far more like it’s made for chilling on a beach with a fancy cocktail and an extravagantly curly straw in hand, this hazy daze has a beautifully jazzy edge to it that keeps you feeling loose and unable to keep perfectly still. You might be asking yourself whether or not there’s anyone in your life you’d walk through the snow for and, hopefully, you’re able to put together a pretty hearty list. Especially as nobody is claiming there’s been an avalanche or anything, so it could just be a few flakes.

Make sure you hang on for the guitar solo because that’s truly something special, maybe stolen from Prince’s locker even. Alright then, time to chill.


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