Voka Gentle – Necrofauna/The Garden Of Eden feat. Wayne Coyne

Photo: Hannah Sommer

Do not listen to this. I repeat, do not listen to this. There, that’s the message done for the ‘squares’ and the ‘normals’ who refuse to break the rules. Now it should just be us rebels left, and we’re free to bask in the messed up world of Voka Gentle – with a drop of The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne thrown into the mix for good measure.

If you’ve ever read this nonsense before, you’ll know that I’m VERY happy that there are puppets in the video. Everybody loves puppets. The song’s pretty fantastic too, well, it’s two songs really and they’re both a cracking listen in their own right. Fused together by the power of being put on one recording, this feels almost like a play in that there are so many acts, plenty of development and, once again, puppets. It’s that kind of ambitious thing that your cautious pals would be recommending against doing, but sometimes when you take that risk you end up with something as fascinating as this and it’s definitely all been worth it.

Who needs to go to the cinema any more? The best stories are always told in music videos these days, and they have much better soundtracks. And did I mention there are puppets???


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