Al Matcott – Mediocre

Photo: Rick Clifford

I wonder if the ‘ocre’ is a bigger concept that we’ve just not clicked yet, I mean, how else would you be able to find the middle of it? Al Matcott uses a misnomer for this song at least, which is above average at worst.

Obviously, that’s not the point of the title. And actually the key lyrics in the chorus is a great cutting line that I’ll be using (in my head) when on arduous calls with people I can’t stand. The chilled out nature of the song is what helps that dig stick out so much, with the music feeling far nicer than the lyrics convey – a perfect balance between someone who knows how to create good vibes and how to rip you to shreds with just a few words.

Some of my favourite ever lyrics in here, and it’s that laid back delivery that makes them land so well. Harsh, but fair.


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